Shadow Heart

She mentioned his name

I gazed at the door

A restless shadow was

Cast upon the heart’s floor



Every half hour

I peek out the window

He is sitting on the foothpath

He is riding his bike

He is chasing other kids

He is playing foorball

He is sitting in the garden

He disappears

I walk down the road

He is in the field.

























Star Wish

You are my star

Shining so bright

I adore you from afar

Your presence is my comfort

When I chance to see you at night

You make all the wrongs seem right.

You cause my heart to beat

Like an angels wing

You are my breath of spring.

You are the star I long to touch

You are the star I cannot reach.

My prayer

Let me always see my star

And hear the angel sing.

Give me courage I beseech.