Winds Haunting Call

How the wind howls

How the wind scowls

Racing the white clouds

It’s all around

The only sound

It is angry now, shouting aloud

Then almost silently she blows

Softly whispering

He knows, he knows

A gentle breeze flows

He leaves, he leaves

On his way alone he goes

The winds whispering again

Your love he dosen’t need, need, need

Once again the wind howls

Roaring this time

It’s a crime, it’s a crime

The breeze chimes

It’s a shame, it’s a shame

Then against the pane lashes the rain

The wind howls in searing pain

It cries his name in haunting refrain

Then comes dawns early light

Sleep claims the wind of the night

Only memories remain

And yet, a soft breeze whispers so quiet

She won’t forget, forget, forget.

Suicide Is Painless

It was one of those crisp, bright cold days you get before Christmas when Jan realised there was only a week to go before the festive season arrived.

Oh God, what am I going to do?

She stopped and looked in a you shop window, all decorated with tinsel and fairy lights.

Her eyes fell upon a beautiful dolls house complete with furnishings.

Oh how Mamie would love that, she thought.

Without thinking, she went into the shop and looked around. The price of everything she touched was far beyond her means, especially with Terry out of work again.

She had planned to spend some of this week’s wages on a toy or two for Mamie.

Her .other always had them for Christmas dinner, so that was taken care of but Terry had told her that morning he’d chucked his job, because of a row with the boss.

That was the third or fourth job he’d chucked this year alone.

Poor Mamie woukd be disappointed if Santa didn’t come, even though she was only four, she knew and understood what Christmas and Santa meant.

A Sharpe voice broke into her thoughts, May I help you, Madame? Jan looked around and saw a muddled aged woman watching her closely from behind gold rimmed spectacles.

No no, thank you, Jan said unsteadily.

The woman looked her up and down: you’ve been in here a couple of times, haven’t you?

Yes I have, it isn’t a crime is it?

Not exactly, the woman replied, but you never seen to buy anything.

Are you accusing me of, of stealing? Jan asked astonished.

No of course not Madame, I only made an observation, not an accusation, and off she walked.

Jan left the shop a few minutes later.

Just because your clothes were a bit shabby, they thought you were a thief, she though bitterly, looking down at her patched  jeans and well worn black coat.

Her hair needed a cut too, it hung limply down to her shoulders, as she remembered the time she’d had it styles beautifully and worn lovely clothes and pretty shoes.

She put the key into the latch and let herself into the house and Mamie heard her, Mammy, Mammy, I’ve missed you, she cried, hugging her tightly when Jan lifted her up.

Hello love, have you been a good girl for Daddy? Yes I played with my dolls.

Good girl, she lifted her down and told her to go and watch TV.

Terry, she called.

In here love, he called back. She found him in the kitchen, sitting at the table quite merry.

Terry, you didn’t go and leave Mamie, did you?

Course not; Tom dropped by earlier and brought a couple of bottles, he’s the best of a mate, is Tom.

Well I don’t think so, she replied, as she started to get a meal replied..

Well, and whose asking what you think? he sneeringly asked. Then she heard the slam of the front door.

Oh, damn him, she thought; as the tears trickled down her cheeks, wouldn’t he ever stop drinking?

No wonder herself and Mamie were almost in rags, and the rows thy had turned her love to almost hate,

as she lost count of the times shre heard the door slam.

One hour later, she had Mamie tucked up in bed, and nearly asleep as she turned out the light.

Tidying up the bathroom, she saw the bottle of pills on the shelf, she reached for them, swallowed, and

then sat on the floor.

The last thing she heard was Mamie crying, Mammy, Mammy, where are you? Mammy, please come.

But she never did, she was out of her misery now.

Christmas Dream Come True

On Christmas Eve

You light the candle at midnight

To welcome the babe and remember

Loved ones no longer near

On Christmas Morn

Among present unwrapping

New hope is born

Those who can’t make it home

Have you in their heart

On Christmas Night

Staring into the fire

A bell rings

On your doorstep

Is the person in your dreams.