He stood in a corner

At the back of the church

This statue of St Francis

Come to life

I stood in front of this priest

Eyes on his clasped hands

I voiced my confession

I raised my eyes to

This statue of St Francis.

We Do Things Differently

We do things differently

In this century

We do things differently

Since my childhood days

we do things differently

Since my teenage years

we do things differently

Since I became an adult

We do things differently

Now in my autumn years

We do things differently

Our world is in chaos

We do things differently.



Visiting Dad’s home town of

Ballyjamesduff Co Cavan

We visited Moodogue Lane

Eight cottages stood in this lane

Built one hundred years ago

In one of these cottages

Our dad and his brother were born

Dad took us on a walk

To his old school

He told us of his childhood

Milking cows and serving mass

Before walking to school barefoot.

Just Smile And …

Just Smile and act like everything’s fine

Not easy when you’re faced with a terminal

Cancer diagnosis

But we did it.

Did Mum know, we later debated

It was spring

By summer she would be gone from us

We walked towards the ward doors

Pushed them open

Just smile and …

Feels Like I Have Been Here Before

When I was a child it was very rare for my da to take me anywhere without my ma, some men seemed to be like that back then. So I’ve heard. So I was surprised when my da and his friend Tom took me along on their trip to Greystones. The bus was rickety and rocked alarmingly along the road, this was in the seventies. When we eventually arrived at the house, a tall lady welcomed us in. We had never met before. In her sitting room the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I had the feeling I had been in this house before. My child’s mind was shocked. We had never been to Greystones I knew. Yes we had been to Howth and Cavan but definitely not Greystones. Over the years the woman’s features have faded, but not that feeling of being in her house previously. I have wondered through the years if I lived in that house in a past life.


I was a suburbia lawn mower

Ma said the garden was like a tennis court

Which pleased her.

I would mow the lawn three times

I was a suburbia lawn mower

I would dream as I mowed

The sun beaming down on me

I inherited this job after da died

I was a suburbia lawn mower

Now living in an apartment

I am a redundant lawn mower

I watch as others mow their lawns.

It’s Mine, You Can’t Have It

It’s mine, you can’t have it, Gina screamed at the little boy who wanted her lunch yet again. I only want half of your sandwich, mines soggy he Shouted. Well, its mine, you can’t have it, Gina shouted back at Tomo. A teacher approached the two warring pupils. What’s going on here? Gina opened her mouth, teacher, Tomo wants… Years later, Gina patrolled the playground of the school she went to as a child. A little girls scream reached her ears, it’s mine, you can’t have it. Gina turned to see two pupils fighting over a book, pulling with all their strength, shouting into each others face. Gina had a sudden flash back to her altercation with a boy named Tomo, now her husband.