Hands that join in prayer

Hands that bless the sick

Hands that bless the congregation

Hands that i can only stare at in admiration

Hands that with mine nothing share

Hands that for me will never be there

Hands that are joined to another

Hands that I can never call lover

Hands that mine will never touch

Hands that cause me to sigh so much

As they go about Gods work.


Testing Destruction

Mid Summer’s day.

From my bedroom window

I see her

Dressed in a peach track suit

Blonde curly hair

Round face animated

Standing just below our gate chatting

Both hands wrapped around her bicycle

About to start on life’s journey.

She did not see the lorry coming

The guards later told her parents.



Reflection of you

In a chalice of gold

You are near

Distress walks through the door

Trembling hands wrapped round

A chalice of gold

Eyes catch sight of the figure

In the pew.