Long Night

After a three year fight with cancer my mum was losing.

The hospice nurse recommended mum be placed in the Hospice care unit

but said it was our decision.

She also said there was no night nurse available for that night and if in pain

we would have to inject mum, this scared my brother and I.

The nurse also said mum did not have long but the journey to the Hospice

could shorten her life even more.

My siblings and I discussed the options such as they were, and decided on

the Hospice.

At noon that Thursday the ambulance arrived to take mum on her final journey

from home.

My siblings decided I should travel in the ambulance with her as I had always

traveled with her everywhere.

I had previously bought her a dressing gown that she had called her little house.

The ambulance men wrapped her in this.

The Hospice was a tranquil place, the grounds beautiful.

After mum was settled, the staff left us completely alone with her.

Throughout that day we sat with mum, periodically going for short walks.

Then the long night began as we settled in the ward beside mums bed.

Mum had been in a coma for some days and during one of our walks

I heard a nurse say that people in comas can hear, so I quickly returned

to mum on my own.

I whispered I love you and kissed her forehead, I had never done either of these

things before.

As the night progressed the staff began checking on mum and I sat close to her

with my hand holding onto her arm the way we used to walk when out together.

Throughout that long night, I never let her arm go, as I watched for each breath

she took.

Eventually the nurse said it would not be long now.

As dawn broke on that summers morning, candles were lit near mums bed and at

around five am I watch mum, as did my siblings, take her last breath.

Two hours later after seeing mum laid out, we left the hospice and walked into

sunshine of a new day and the beginning of life without mum.









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