Bruno and Ted

Bruno and Ted started life in a suburb in Finglas.
Bruno was the son of Ringo Walsh.
Teddy as he was known came to live the O’Reilly Family, parentage unknown.
When these two started to grow, they met in the back garden of their respective houses.
As they were so young, communication was a problem so they would stand and stare at each other.
One day Teddy who was a little older then Bruno had the bright idea of hauling Bruno through the wire fence that separated the two gardens by placing Bruno’s ear in his mouth, Bruno obliged by tilting his head and not squealing.
This escapade continued until the two were fully grown.
Every morning at breakfast Teddy would call at the back door of Bruno’s home…
Tony would say to his mother,
That is Teddy calling for Bruno,
At the sound of a scrape on the door!
In winter time Bruno would sit at the fire in the living room of the O’Reilly home until Mrs Walsh came to collect him.
I should mention Bruno was a brown boxer dog and Teddy a black and white Collie.


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