Dear Da

We were like the three musketeers, you, mam, me
We went shopping, went to Cavan for weekends
Ate, watched TV together
Pursued our own activities round the house
I felt I was in a cocoon.
Whenever you heard I wanted something
You offered to lend me the money,
You never asked for it back.
We still never really talked
But you were there.
You sat with me through a hospital appointment
You were the one reluctant to leave
When I was taken into hospital.
You kept getting out of your sick bed to inquire
Had I arrived
You even volunteered to pay for a taxi because
You thought I’d be upset at being collected late
By my brother.
When I became ill after you died, you came to me
Each night in my dreams and all because you knew
My horror of hospitals.
The day you died you said goodbye Bernadette
When the others had left.
Actions speak louder then words.
Love you Da


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